"Rabet is a dedicated portal for developers allows integrating with various API’s and shortens the integration time, also it facilitates managing the consumption all the API’s services from one place. The platform allows multiple subscribers for each client registered in the platform, also, and it allows the subscription and management of more than one service at the same time. The user is supposed to be specialized in API's integration processes to complete the API subscription process smoothly."

1 Register process
  • Client visits Rabet platform and open a registration request

    Client fills individual's & organization data and create a user then agree to the terms

    Registration will activated automatically in platform, and Rabet system will send email to confirm registration

2 Subscription request
  • Client Register in specific product and then apply to subscribe in specific API service

    Rabet System grant & display App Key to the user

Service will be activated directly if the service doesn’t require contract or activation Key’s

3 Contracting
  • Contract can be conducted electronically via Rabet or through the account manager

4 Activation
  • After completing the contract, the operation team will activate the service

5 Service Operation
  • The client applies the activation code (if necessary) and then service will be ready for consumption

For more details about registration and subscription process, you can download